Buying real estate
- Property viewings
- Review and preparation of papers
- Purchase and rental contracts
- Notarizations
Property Management
If you engage us in the management of your property, we take over all the activities related to its management.
Credit Financing
If you are planning to buy a property, it is important to have appropriate financing available. Our credit department assists in granting a bank loan under the best possible conditions for the client in all leading banks.
Immigration assistance
Registration with the Migration Service, health insurance, bank account, re-registration of a car, contracts for internet, mobile phone and TV, company establishment and others.
Construction and renovations
- Construction and renovations
- New building renovation
- Old building renovation
- Electricity installation Water installation
- Satellite TV installation
- Property cleaning and maintenance.
Additional options
- Translations
- Translator
- Accompaniment for, doctor's appointments
- Tax office and many others
Stefan Kosek
Stefan Kosek
Managing Director
Stefan Kosek
Managing Director
Responsible for construction and repairs.

Clementina Kosek
Broker, Emigration Assistance.
Clementina Kosek
Broker, Emigration Assistance.
Responsible for foreign clients.

Irena Kozareva
Irena Kozareva
Responsible for Bulgarian customers, verification and preparation of real estate documents.

What is our business?

We renovate your apartment

We work with qualified specialists and mediate with leading Bulgarian companies, ensuring the strict implementation of your wishes!

We take care of the electrical installation, electrical engineering, sanitary installation, heating installation, plumbing and roofing work and everything that is necessary in the course of a professional renovation.

We also supply high-quality windows with assembly, German profiles. With us you receive a complete refurbishment from a professional source with one contact person in all areas related to the refurbishment, renovation and modernization of your home.

We accompany you until the handover of the completely renovated trade. Be it your house, your apartment or your garden with pool.

We also have partner agreements with companies for kitchen production and maintenance with guaranteed quality.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you with your project.


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