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We will help you with the property and with immigration to Bulgaria.

Apartments and houses

THERE ARE A VARIETY OF PROPERTY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM from one bedroom to multi bedroom apartments and houses.


Properties for sale

Our team

Broker, Emigration Assistance.
Responsible for foreign clients.
Responsible for Bulgarian customers, verification and preparation of real estate documents.
Managing Director
Responsible for construction and repairs.


Property purchase
- Property inspections
- Review and preparation of documents
- Purchase and rental contracts
- Notarizations
Property Management
If you engage us in the management of your property, we take over all the activities related to its management.
Credit Financing
If you are planning to buy a property, it is important to have appropriate financing available. Our credit department assists in granting a bank loan under the best possible conditions for the client in all leading banks.
Immigration Assistance
Registration with the Migration Service, health insurance, bank account, re-registration of a car, contracts for internet, mobile phone and TV, company establishment and others.
Construction services
- Construction and repairs
- Renovation of a new building
- Renovation of an old building
- El. water installation
- Installation for satellite TV
- Cleaning and maintenance of properties
Additional services
- Translations
- Translator
- Accompanying doctor's appointments
- Tax office and many others

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